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WhatsApp Group Admins Be Careful

Everyone has smartphones, the drastic fall in internet consumption charges and WhatsApp being a free app, people are creating number of groups on this popular social media and taking pleasure in being admins. Such fanatics need to think twice from here onwards as a new govt. order can land them in jail for three to five years.

Citing the misuse of social media to circulate fake news and fabricated stories that can trigger communal rift and also damage people’s reputation, the govt. has come up with the order that both the member and the group admin will be sent to jail if found guilty of aforementioned acts. Even if the admin hasn’t made such predatory post, he will have to bear responsibility for the acts being committed by group members.
Karnataka police have arrested a WhatsApp group admin after a member of his group published a morphed picture of PM Narendra Modi with obscene content. This is for the first time that a WhatsApp group admin was arrested for publishing derogatory content.

Hence, WhatsApp and Facebook group admins should be cautious before adding members in their groups.

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