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Ravi Teja Plays Adhurs dailoque On SIT


We knew that there is a famous comedy dialogue in NTR’s Adhurs wherein NTR says ‘I don’t know, I don’t remember . I forgot for everything that he is asked. When the film released, the dialogue was a huge hit with the masses. But the dialogue turned out to be a pain for the SIT officials. Ravi Teja, who seems to have come prepared for the interrogation, is said to have been fixated on giving as little information as possible. Though he was posed 150 questions, he is said to have said ‘I don’t know… I can’t remember. I forgot’ for nearly 90 questions.

SIT had taken nearly two weeks to prepare a lengthy questionnaire for Ravi Teja after Kelvin’s confession and after questioning Netherland’s citizen Kaminga. Also, his questions were based on the information gathered by SIT from Charmee and Subba Raju. But Ravi Teja stuck to his stand and remained unperturbed through out. In fact, the authorities were surprised when Ravi Teja gave similar answers when asked about his brothers Raghu and Bharat. Like Charmme, Ravi Teja too refused to give his blood, nail and hair samples to SIT. An official who did not want to be named disclosed later that they could barely get any information out of Ravi Teja even after 9 hours of questioning.

Meanwhile, CM KCR held a meeting with SIT officials regarding the on-going drug case even as Ravi Teja’s interrogation was on. So, some important officers were not present during the interrogation for a couple of hours.

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