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Power Star Pawan Kalyan in Full-Time politics by next year ?



Powerstar Pawan Kalyan is a man with super powers whether it is movies or Politics. He has terrific craze all over and he is currently balancing his movie career along with politics. However, the actor revealed out that the world turns out to be a full-time politician soon which has been making the Andhra Pradesh politicians sleepless. However, here comes the news which is that his political party Jana Sena got registered in Andhra Pradesh as a political party.

Jana Sena has been approved as a political party in Telangana some time ago and now the party completed all the formalities recently. The Election commission of Andhra Pradesh approved and sent all the documents to Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan.

Power Star Pawan Kalyan , whose Jana Sena Party is virtually in limbo, may enter active politics by next year end. This was indicated not by Pawan Kalyan, but comedian Ali. He told media in Rajahmundry that Pavan had three films on hand at present and once he completed all the three , he would focus on full-time politics.

Assuming that it would be 2017 year end to complete all the three films, Pawan would come into active politics in another one and a half years. By the way, Ali too is  keen on entering politics by 2019. “I am also planning to join politics by 2019 elections. I cannot say now as to  which party would join. But I will hold a massive public meeting in Rajahmundry in 2019 and announce my plans then,”he said.  A special team has been conducting meetings interacting with the leaders of all the districts across Andhra Pradesh currently sources also revealed that Pawan Kalyan is all set to dominate the AP politics during 2109 elections.

since Ali is talking on behalf of Pawan Kalyan, can one assume that he would join his Jena Sena party? In the past, there was a talk that he might join the Telugu Desam Party, But it did not happen. Now,we have to see  which party Ali would choose.

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