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Fake Letter Troubles AP IAS Officials


Fake Letter Troubles AP IAS Officials

In the recent past, some of the headlines in the newspapers and social media have left people thinking in the wrong direction before they figure out that its fake news after reading the entire article. This type of news people misunderstood then divert the people way of thinking. In AP State also face this type of problem. A fake letter which has been circulated on social media extensively on Sunday created big trouble to IAS officials in Andhra Pradesh.
The letter mentioned the AP IAS officers Association was disappointed deeply for the Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu’s recent comments that he will stage dharna in the villages where toilets are not constructed. The CM also held IAS officials responsible if any delay in the scheme.
The IAS officers Association leader Subamanyam clarified the letter against Chief Minister was fake. No such letter was written against CM by any official from the association.

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